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How to start a RP Empty How to start a RP

Post  E.C. is all mine on Wed Nov 14, 2007 7:10 pm

Please follow these basic steps when creating an RP in the Forums.

1: Title your thread with something people will understand what the idea of the plot is.
EX. Bad people get in problems (This is soo not going to get any responses because it doesnt make any sense)
Good EX. Bella and Edward go to boarding school (Ok this makes sense and people know what the plot is)

2: Since you are starting the thread you must figure out who is what chracter. Please let the people who offer to be in it know if they are accepted or if you have already found another character.

3: Be detailed in your post. Put the time, place, time of day this takes place. (This could go in intro paragraph, but RPers usually want to know when this is taking place to set up own characters)
EX. It was sunny and light poured through the small meadow that Sally layed in. The birds flew over head and chirped in delight at the beautiful day.

4: Introduce you character in detail as well.

EX for begginer threads.
Hair color:
Eye Color:

This is only for very basic begginer level RP's. If you are advanced please make it a detailed paragraph introduction for your character. This also introduces the premise of the story.

Sally walked down the hobbled walkway as the wind whipped around her ebony hair. Her cream white skin was slightly flushed from the run she had just taken. She couldnt believe such a horrible thing could happen! She sat down on the small bench on the corner of the street and cried. The tears streamed down from her iced blue eyes. Her lovely satin purple dress was ruined and torn to shreds at the hem.

(Not as long and detailed as could be, but you get the idea)

Now that you know how to start an RP thread, go out and have fun!
E.C. is all mine
E.C. is all mine
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